Kadena Telegram AMA with Binance Exchange, May 3 2022 Transcript by Jeffrey Ou Kadena May, 2022

Opening Remarks

Community Question 7: What type of projects are currently being reviewed by Kadena Eco?

Doug Beardsley (Kadena): Just the other day someone announced a new mining hosting company that wants to make it easier for average folks to run ASIC miners.

Community Question 8: How can I build a gas station?

Doug Beardsley (Kadena): It’s as simple as a single transfer: https://explorer.chainweb.com/mainnet/chain/1/block/-c50pruuuIb2MwCl63Zks1KZDedy2Kb7W2F5Di7U9DQ/txs. Learn more about gas stations here.

Community Question 9: How the developers and entrepreneurs can get access to the $100M grant program?

Stuart Popejoy (Kadena): You can learn more and apply for a grant at https://kadena.io/grants/.

Community Question 10: Can you tell us how did you come up with the idea of Kadena? Have you been influenced by any special moment or story behind it?

Stuart Popejoy (Kadena): My cofounder Will and I started JP Morgan’s group in 2014, and we got to talk to everybody in the space (including Vitalik 🙂 ). We really felt that scalability and safety were going to be critical for businesses and individuals to want to participate. That was back in 2016 but it still motivates us today!

Community Question 11 (Kadena): Thank you @SirLensAlot and @mightybyte for your time. I applaud you for your innovations on cripto scalability.

1. Considering the problems in the cripto-space, what are your thoughts on cross-chain services?

2. Will Kadena also facilitate cross-chain transactions in the future?

Doug Beardsley (Kadena): Tx space in a global is a scarce resource. Therefore I absolutely see the future being multi-chain. Kadena is in a better position than just about any other project to operate well in a multi-chain world because Kadena itself is multi-chain! If you’re using KDA, you’re using multi-chain technology. It’s built into Kadena from the ground up.

Community Question 12: What does Stuart Haber do at Kadena?

Stuart Popejoy (Kadena): Stuart Haber is our cryptography and technology advisor, for everything from Pact core technology (Marmalade content integrity) to the Chainweb security analysis by Gauntlet (https://medium.com/gauntlet-networks/analysis-of-kadenas-public–protocol-31c66347e32e). Stuart Haber is also the most-cited author in the Bitcoin Whitepaper! He’s a legend!

Community Question 13: Let’s say we are starting to hit higher gas fees — how long does it take for the chainweb to expand to more chains and therefore lower the gas fee?

Doug Beardsley: It takes some engineering work, but we already doubled the capacity of our network from 10 chains to 20 chains about 8 months after we launched. So we’ve already developed and tested the approach, so it will be easier to do it again in the future.

Community Question 14: So it has the capability for infinite chains which leads to infinite TPS, my question is how projects can be linked to a chain and how users can easily understand which chain to use without any confusion?

Stuart Popejoy (Kadena): Great question, the right answer is a user should never have to care about what chain they are on. This is what is happening now in 2022, see this article on how a swapper could swap across chains without even knowing it 🙂 https://medium.com/kadena-io/the-future-of-multichain-828a2547b697

Quake (Binance): It has been great to have you, @SirLensAlot, and @mightybyte with us today to talk more about Kadena’s business. The community has responded well to your presence here!

Doug Beardsley (Kadena): Thanks so much for having us!

Stuart Popejoy (Kadena): Totally! Binancians and Kadenians UNITE!

Quake (Binance): Absolute delight to have hosted you!

Doug Beardsley (Kadena): For technical tweets about and Kadena, follow me on Twitter. https://twitter.com/BlockchainDoug!

Quake (Binance): Thank you chat for your time! Last but not least, thank you to the wonderful team at Kadena!

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