How to Facilitate a Career Discussion with Your Manager

Getting Connected with your Manager

Ask what you want

One of the problems with employees is how to talk to your boss about career growth. The manager would be completely busy with his obligations and ideas, so it is your responsibility to ask the manager specifically about your needs. Discussing career goals with your boss is mandatory for your success.

For example, you can ask, “Hey Mike, what do you think about my accomplishments and my progress in the company for the future?”. This would help the manager develop a career advancement plan for you, and he will have more clarity. 

Develop a personal strategy

Sometimes it can happen that your ideas are not welcoming to the manager. In that case, you need to find alternate areas to showcase your skills. For example, you can talk to people in the other departments and try to help them find solutions for their problems. In this way, you are making sure that you are up to date and desire to move forward and excel in the organization.

Get the support of your manager

With all the efforts you have made and the manager knowing your accomplishments and skill set will help you move forward within the organization. He will recognize you as an asset and try to make use of it. So, both of you can come to an agreement and mutual understanding on how your career will progress within the company. This is a win-win situation for yourself and the manager. 


How to ask for career advice from a boss is a difficult question for many. Yet, career advancement is an important aspect of your professional life. For this, you need to have a fruitful discussion with your manager and present yourself to him in a manner that is appealing and trustworthy.

Once you have presented yourself well, you can be confident that there is all the possibility that your career is safe and progressing in the organization. So make the best use of your meeting with the manager and talking to him about career advancement.

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