How to Accept Bitcoin Payments on Ghost Blog

This is the membership page that your users will see when they make the payment, so feel free to design this page to your liking.

The important thing here is to add an HTML card in the body. In the HTML section, paste the code that you copied earlier.

Upon completion, Publish the page and you will see a dedicated pay button on this page.

2) Order Hook URL

On the Blockonomics Ghost Utility, copy the URL mentioned under step 2.

Then head to Payments Button -> Options in your Blockonomics Account and paste the URL in the Order Hook URL field.

Don’t forget to Save changes!

Part C: Testing

Your Bitcoin payments are now successfully set up on your Ghost Blog, you can test your payments integration to see if everything is working fine.

To do so, go to your membership page and select the pay now option to make a test payment.

You will be shown a Bitcoin address and the amount. Copy both these fields and head to your Blockonomics account and go to the Logs/Test Bench section.

Enter the details in the respective fields and click Send test payments.

You should successfully receive a payment confirmation in the email provided.

That it! You have successfully integrated Bitcoin payments into your ghost blog. Happy Blogging!  

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