Adab — a project which develops the cripto assets market.

Adab — a project which develops the cripto assets market.More new users of cripto assets Adab Solutions will develop the cripto industry for Muslims. The richest and numerous Muslim countries are the main markets for the company. The cripto market needs new users and new investments and Islamic countries are a great opportunity to find a new foothold. Islamic finance is growing at 12% per year and already amounts to almost $ 3 trillion, and the population of Muslims is over 1.8 billion peopleProject for all Muslims need financial products and services that comply with the norms of Islam. Islam regulates all aspects of people’s lives, including financial and economic. While the services of conventional financial institutions are not suitable for Muslims, the users of Islamic finance can be the people of different faiths and nationalities. Islamic finance is suitable for everyone.More capitalization of the cripto market The more new users join the cripto market, the more investment and demand is for cryptocurrency, which directly affects the rise in the value of cripto assets and the total market capitalization. The Muslim community is willing to invest only in a projects in a jurisdiction understandable to them (Europe, Arab countries — this is where FICE will work) and investments can be only in fiat currencies, due to the non-prevalence of cryptocurrencies, which will positively affect the growth of market capitalization.Facebook — Twitter — Reddit — Steemit — Telegram group — Telegram channel#IEO #ico #ADAB #adabsolutions #cryptocurrency #blockchain #Adab #Muslims #investments #cripto-economy #Islamic #finance #cryptocurrency #exchange #FICE #Shariah #trading #cryptocurrencies #Muslim #community #market #digital #economy ieo adabsolutions cryptocurrency blockchain newsAdab — a project which develops the cripto assets market. was originally published in ADAB Solutions on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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